Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Signed Up For Payperpost

Just browsing and reading and guest what! I found something that interest me while surfing the net, the payperpost thing. At first I just scan through and what interest me most is the phrase “get paid for blogging about the things you love” I was just Oh! Really? How? Questions just keep marching in through my mind so, I decided to read deeper and learn how it works. I found that it’s not that complicated in signing up, just complete the given data, submit and wait for your blog approval. Actually it’s as easy as one, two and three. Further more, there are vast of opportunities for you to work with and you can choose those that really interest you or you really love to write about, the best part is, when you get paid for it. Well, this benefits you and the advertiser as well, it’s just like a give and take relationship. I’m really new to this stuff but I can say that I’m really learning, Thanks from payperpost for the tutorials and some friends I met from here as well, I owe you guys! I love everything from this site and nothing can stop me from writing about anything I want.

From what I earned? Guess I’ll just have to upgrade my camera phone so I can take my readers wherever I want with capturing images and events that I would love to share about.

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