Monday, April 28, 2008

A Spark Of Light

There are times I can't help but ask,
Is there something I should do
to make things last.
Seems that time is running so fast,
And I just have to watch
what my life bring about to pass.

Thinking back the things I've done,
To those I truly loved,
who were disappointed in me
and whom I really hurt most,
I deeply and sincerely apologize.

But if I were to bring back the times I've lost,
I would certainly mend the hearts of those i hurt the most,
make my path straight and never gave up hope.

Now my days is at it's worst times
I can barely put my mind to think right
It seems I'm helpless, and felt so empty inside
There's nothing I could do but to pray it right.

And as I stare into the dark of night
A spark of light suddenly crossed my sight
And in my mind i hear these words

" My child, step into the light,
just genuinely pure your heart and mind,
so you will come to realize,
That I am with you all the time
and never left you,

from the day I breathe you LIFE."

-by gretchel-

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