Monday, April 28, 2008

A Spark Of Light

There are times I can't help but ask,
Is there something I should do
to make things last.
Seems that time is running so fast,
And I just have to watch
what my life bring about to pass.

Thinking back the things I've done,
To those I truly loved,
who were disappointed in me
and whom I really hurt most,
I deeply and sincerely apologize.

But if I were to bring back the times I've lost,
I would certainly mend the hearts of those i hurt the most,
make my path straight and never gave up hope.

Now my days is at it's worst times
I can barely put my mind to think right
It seems I'm helpless, and felt so empty inside
There's nothing I could do but to pray it right.

And as I stare into the dark of night
A spark of light suddenly crossed my sight
And in my mind i hear these words

" My child, step into the light,
just genuinely pure your heart and mind,
so you will come to realize,
That I am with you all the time
and never left you,

from the day I breathe you LIFE."

-by gretchel-

At The End Of The Day

It's 6 in the evening, coffee is really great to neutralize the chill because of the relatively low temperature brought by the rainy season. Well, it's been a long day and i hardly think of what i did from the time i woke up till this time that I'm having coffee in front of my computer while bringing back to mind of what I have accomplished today.

um... I'll start from waking up with a little pain in the head and a bit dizzy, I guess because of the migraine attack I had last night. After doing my daily routine, I got dressed up and got ready for shopping :) I mean my sis ask me to keep her company while shopping for materials for my brother's wedding invitation cards, tokens, etc...

We hunt through department stores, malls, and even the city market place for hours for the best buy, but we haven't got anything yet. Drained from strength and energy, from those long walks and stops, commenting on things and battling ideas, so, we decided to freshen up a little bit and find some place to eat, sit and the best part, to relaxed our feet.

I guess we enjoyed shopping so much that we hardly notice the time. It's already past 4 in the afternoon that we decided to stop at a restaurant near the mall and at past 5 pm, due to exhaustion, we decided to move out and went home.

Thinking back, we actually did nothing today but to walk and talk, but though we haven't done much at the end of this day, our minds replete with delightful ideas that we can't wait to carry out, and maybe tomorrow, at the end of the day, we have something finally done...