Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From What I See

SPED center is involved and specialized in educating special children for the past years till present. This month has given me a tremendous and excellent way to really gain the first hand experience needed to work in an emotionally disturbed setting. This community service is an opportunity to build experience and knowledge regarding a classroom setting for special children. It was an exposure to everything, the behaviors, work habits and learning styles of a SPED adolescent.

The classroom has a number of ten to fifteen students from 13 to 21 years of age and classified as mentally retarded from mild to moderate. The size of the class limits how much flexibility the teacher has to slow the pace of instruction or supplement students having difficulties and how much individual instruction time the teacher is able to give such student.

From the 80 hours of observing and being with these special kids, I observed that aside from being slow academically, most of them are having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder rather than being classified as mentally handicapped. Most of the time, these children are more interested in playing rather than reading, bullying their classmates instead of writing or drawing and break and lunch time is their most favorite from their 8 hours of school work.

obviously a I observed from the class we've handled, some of them I would say, just go to school to have their personal benefits from their guardians or to be with their peers instead of enjoying school for learning. Another thing I observed was that they're all present in the morning and then only two or three were present after lunch.

Some of them are really troublemakers but when you talk to them nicely, they'll listen and behave for a while, but at least they learn to obey even for just a short period of time.

I may say that not all SPED educators do consistently well in handling children with special needs I would just want to emphasize of the teaching method of the adviser of the class we've handled. Well, a child with a learning problem that requires some sort of special type of instruction or learning environment may not find it interesting or comfortable to learn if his teacher seems to be angry most often just because they do forgot their past lessons or doesn't recall past topics immediately, nor find it interesting to cooperate with class discussions if the teachers does not seem to accept wrong answers, wake up! That's why these children are special. A child doesn't need to be shouted at and scolded in front of their classmates or other people in order to behave well , these can have unpleasant consequences to the child academically and emotionally, thus, aggravating their low self steem and may worsen their intolerable behavior.

For the short period of time we've spent with these children, though they maybe slow academically and behave intolerably at times, some of them really excel in sports and music as well, and I guess can even reach average level of academics if given proper and intensive training from school and at home.

These kids behave differently but are special in their own way that would lead them to higher hopes and advance learning at the right time. Overall the most important thing I learned is that education can be enhance when it is embedded in ordinary experiences. That's one of life's masterpiece