Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Experience in an Unexpected Moment

January 13, 2009 at around 7:05 on a chilly evening, As the sun totally set out of sight, darkness concealed the blue heavens and only traces of light from billions of stars was seen. I grip my camera phone and try to capture whatever thing there was in the dark. As I try to capture orbs from nowhere, a starlike moving light above not too far from where i'm standing, capture my eyes. I was not able to blink for a moment to make sure what I'm lookin' at was not a satelite nor a plane on the dark horizon. It was like a firefly with the size of a fist but its light was steady.

I was not contented just by staring at it fall on a slow motion, but whatever it was, I am convinced that it's something new to my vision, something unusual and seems to draw closer and closer slowly descending. Chill and excitement run down my spine as I quickly drag my two cousins to look at it and to reassure myself that I'm not having imagination or something like delusion.The three of us just couldn't figure out what it was."One of my cousin just said "imposible met a dayta"(that's impossible) I tried to capture it on camera but its light seems to fade slowly until it totally vanished.

maybe, I would be convinced that it was a falling star or a meteorite shower if I saw it fell on seconds, but no, it move slowly and hold on to a stop then the bright light fades till it was totally dark again.
That experience will be programed in my brain permanently, i guess! and will never be forgotten and hoping that there will be chances that I will come to see it again, and when that time comes, hopefully I'll determine what it was and for any reason why I'm seeing that bright light. I believe that time answers this questions and will somehow satisfy my inquisitive mind.

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